Artist's Statement


Kevin G. Saunders

I have been a photographer since 1968, starting when my father showed me how to use his Leica M3 35mm camera. Back then, everything was manual, and I learned the basics from a great teacher.

Decades ago, photography was not an simple craft to master, and only the very best had the ability to capture compelling images. The progression of technology has transformed photography to the point that most images are now easily forgotten commodities.

I have adapted and improved with technology the techniques of the old masters. My creative voice conveys the heart in people and the essence of commerce and business. People remark that I have a kind eye.

The fundamental values of my work and studio center around excellence, quality and value. People are respected, and I inspire my team to be the best they can, and do work that matters. I believe this is a rare approach, and our clients appreciate our efforts on their behalf.

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