Portfolio | Grand Scale

In 2012, I photographed a building that was at the technical limits of a view camera, and there was seemingly no way to have a crisp, sharp image from corner to corner. I had read about “stitching” images together like a patchwork quilt, and I custom fabricated a panorama rig that would allow me to use my digital view camera and stitch together images to create a composite. I discovered a new world of ultra high resolution images that I named: Grand Scale.

These images are unique. They are perfect, and they convey a message that aligns with excellence and are a breathtaking backdrop when used in lobbies, boardrooms, executive offices, and trade show exhibits. They can be printed up to 50 ft (>15m) with no visible loss of detail.

We have also created Grand Scale images for public spaces and documentation of important historical sites like the UNESCO World Heritage Old Spanish Missions in San Antonio, Texas.

Contact us today to discuss how a Grand Scale print would make the perfect backdrop for your lobby, boardroom or other large space!

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