Signature Portraits


This is our premier line of portraiture. The Signature Portrait series represents a timeless and compelling way to capture one's likeness. Whether the end goal is a business portrait that tells a personal story or a classic portrait print for the wall, we have resurrected the equipment and processes from the master portrait artists of last century. For hundreds of years, people have created portraits in a conservative, traditional manner, so the viewer is invited to study the subject's likeness and appreciate the story the image tells.

“I have studied the photographic expertise from the early to mid 1900’s, and find huge inspiration from the master photographers of that time, like George Hurrell and Yousuf Karsh. I have modernized this classic process by inventing new techniques. When you experience our cocoon of light, you will see and feel the difference.”  – Kevin G Saunders

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You need an expert with the skills and experience necessary to achieve a compelling and timeless image.


We have perfected and modernized classic techniques from the master portrait artists of last century.


Let’s collaborate and create a dignified image that will stand the test of time –come visit our studio!

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