VIP Signature Portrait Program


We are creating a collection of portraits of individuals who have contributed in a significant way to our culture. These individuals may come from any walk of life, and their contribution is not tied to a genre. The objective is to honor people who have achieved greatness in their field of expertise. From heads of state to artists, from scientists to religious leaders, we are looking for the best of the best to create a collection of compelling portraits that has not been done in this century.

Master Photographer Yousuf Karsh documented many world leaders and significant individuals in his day, and those portraits have stood the test of time. Kevin G Saunders’ photographic voice is similar, using traditional portraiture, classic lighting, and the techniques and execution that bring out the visual story of the individual — we want to capture the person, not their profession.

Our main goal is to create an image that is beautiful, timeless and compelling, and will be appreciated forever.

Read about our program by clicking the magazine below. Contact us for more information and private booking, or view our Signature Portraits Portfolio.

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